High pressure pump

3200 series products belong to high flow and high pressure plunger pump series. They have high pressure, safety and reliability, low noise, small pulse, low rotation speed, stable operation, convenient replacement and labor saving. The power end is an outlet type box, which adopts forced lubrication.
High speed shaft and crankshaft are driven by herringbone gear, with stable and reliable transmission, low friction coefficient, high lubrication performance, low noise, low temperature rise at power end, etc., which are suitable for long-term continuous operation. The hydraulic end adopts imported technology, with reasonable design, convenient maintenance, reliable operation, and suitable for water jet cleaning, chemical plant, sugar plant, power plant and other condensers and heat exchange in various industries Descaling and cleaning of various tanks and cauldrons, such as vessels, evaporating tanks and boilers, water spindles and non-woven fabrics, dephosphorization of steel plants, water atomization and pulverizing, secondary oil production, tertiary oil production and water injection, injection agent, ground power source of hydraulic piston pump and other occasions requiring large flow equipment. It can transport clean water at room temperature, emulsion and liquid with chemical properties similar to clean water. It can be applied to multi-functional power source.

Outline dimension drawing of product

Product parameters