High pressure pump

3250 series pump is a high-pressure plunger pump produced by introducing international advanced technology. The power end is an outlet type box, which adopts forced lubrication. The high-speed shaft and crankshaft are driven by herringbone gear. The transmission is stable and reliable, the friction coefficient is reduced, the lubrication performance is improved, the noise is small, the temperature rise at the power end is low, and it is suitable for long-term continuous operation. The hydraulic end adopts imported technology, which is suitable for descaling and cleaning of condensers, heat exchangers, evaporation tanks, boilers and other tanks and cauldrons in chemical plants, sugar plants and power plants, as well as water jet cleaning of various industries such as ship cleaning. Powder metallurgy, high-pressure water jet assisted rock breaking and coal falling as well as experimental platform, various rubber pipes, metal pipes, valves, pumps for pressure test of oil field drilling wellhead equipment, and other occasions requiring high-pressure water jet. It can not only pump clean water, emulsion, but also other liquids with chemical properties, suitable for a variety of power sources.

Outline dimension drawing of product

Product parameters