Tianjin high pressure cleaner

Time:2019-09-25 09:44:16

Tianjin high pressure cleaner
The high-pressure cleaner takes water as the working medium, converts the ordinary pressure water into the high-pressure water through the high-pressure water generating device, pressurizes it to a certain pressure, then reaches the control device (high-pressure water gun) through the high-pressure pipeline, and then converts the high-pressure water into the high-pressure water jet to wash the object surface. When the impact force of water is greater than the adhesion between the dirt and the object surface, the high-pressure water Water jet will peel off the dirt, wash away, high-pressure water cleaning machine, so as to achieve the purpose of cleaning objects. The high-pressure cleaner can remove the special coating which is difficult to clean, such as manual cleaning method and chemical cleaning method. It is mainly used to clean the scale, oil scale, pigment, rust, various coatings, concrete, coking, microbial sludge, etc. Compared with the traditional manual, mechanical and chemical cleaning methods, it has the advantages of no pollution, high efficiency, low cost and energy saving. The specific advantages are as follows.

I. no pollution
The world pays more and more attention to environmental protection. The high-pressure cleaner uses tap water as the medium, which has no pollution effect on the environment. After atomizing the jet water, it can reduce the dust concentration in the cleaning operation area, which does not need to be treated again. It is an environmental protection product.
II. No corrosion
There is no acid-base agent in the high-pressure water jet, which will not corrode the metal or lose the cleaned matrix.
III. fan Weiguang
Because the water is all pervasive, it can operate in the narrow space and clean the objects with complex shape and structure.
IV. low cost
Water is the working medium, which saves a lot of cleaning agent and reduces the washing cost. Because the cleaning method of the high-pressure cleaning machine belongs to the fine jet spraying, only water and electricity are used for cleaning, and the diameter of the high-pressure nozzle used is small, so it belongs to the water-saving and environmental protection cleaning equipment.
V. high efficiency
Parts cleaned by the high-pressure cleaner do not need special cleaning treatment. Moreover, the cleaning operation is easy to realize mechanization and automation.