What is the influence of the pressure of Tianjin high pressure pump

Time:2019-09-20 09:43:09

What is the effect of the pressure of Tianjin high pressure pump?
The emergence of high-pressure pump makes the cleaning efficiency and effect of cleaning industry further improved. The use of high-pressure cleaning pump brings us convenience, at the same time, we should pay attention to how to use it efficiently, not that the higher the pressure, the better. The higher the pressure of the high-pressure pump, the higher the performance of the components and the tightness of the device, the higher the requirements will be. Then, the higher the cost will be. Once the pressure is too high, when the jet is sprayed on the surface of the cleaning object, it is likely to cause splashing, which will result in adverse phenomena to the cleaning work. In this way, it will counteract the effect of water pressure, and it may also atomize the water, resulting in the reduction of cleaning efficiency, and the cleaning effect is not ideal.
The pressure required for high-pressure cleaning of Tianjin high-pressure pump should be considered comprehensively according to the specific requirements of the work and the nature and degree of the dirt on the surface of the cleaning object. Now, the pressure required for high-pressure water jet cleaning is usually determined by two methods: experimental method and analogy method. Too high pressure of high-pressure pump also has a negative impact on the bearing capacity of cleaning object, which is easy to impact and damage the cleaning object. Therefore, when selecting high-pressure pump, we should consider the actual aspects, and do not blindly pursue high pressure and get away from the cleaning purpose. In modern production, cleaning has become an indispensable high-efficiency energy-saving, cleaning equipment, which can be used in chemical plant heat exchanger or reactor pipe coke cleaning, boiler pipe descaling car bottom cleaning, in modern industrial products, high-pressure pump will play an increasingly important role.
Main parts of high-pressure pump: the base and pump body are heat treated to avoid fatigue fracture; the crankshaft is hardened, tempered and nitrided, with high strength, high hardness, wear-resistant and durable, and the plunger and packing are sealed Valve group type: cone valve, flat valve, ARN valve, combination valve, after special treatment, wear-resistant and durable.
High pressure pumps are mainly used in petrochemical industry, ships, machinery and equipment, industrial cleaning, spray, humidification, dust removal, dehumidification, metallurgical descaling, rust removal, oil and grease stains. Each pump is equipped with a safety pressure regulating valve, the pressure of the pump can be adjusted at will, and equipped with lubricating oil temperature, pump inlet and outlet pressure alarm protection, which is a good equipment for cleaning various mechanical equipment and metal components.