Stop sequence of high pressure pump

Time:2019-11-15 08:54:42

After the operation of the high-pressure pump in use, what sequence should be followed to stop the pump? The following is the description of the pump stop sequence of the high-pressure pump.
When the high pressure pump receives the "required stop" signal of the hydraulic press, it immediately sends back the "can stop" signal;
(2) make up the water level of the water storage tank to above level 7;
Unplug the pressing plug and cut off the electromagnet power supply of the lowest level valve;
Cut off the power supply of the water pump and do not stop the pump with load;
Cut off the power supply of the lubricating oil pump and close the cooling water valve of the lubricating oil after the high-pressure pump (5) stops running.
The above is the shutdown sequence of high-pressure pump, which is only for your reference.