Advantages of cleaning technology of high pressure cleaning machine

Time:2019-11-15 08:54:14

High pressure cleaning machine is a kind of high-efficiency high-pressure cleaning pump and energy-saving cleaning equipment, which is used for cleaning the heat exchanger or reverberatory kettle and various pipelines in chemical plant, thermal power plant, sugar plant, paper mill and other industries, as well as for cleaning the casting sand, various vehicles, aircraft, ships, slaughterhouse and so on. After being equipped with accessories, it can also be used for water sandblasting, so as to restrain the formation of air spray noise caused by high-pressure cleaning pump The environmental pollution, the influence personal health and so on flaw, has invented the condition for the good environmental maintenance work.  
Advantages of cleaning technology of high pressure cleaning pump:
(1) good cleaning quality
When the high-pressure cleaner cleans the inner hole of the pipe and the heat exchanger, it can remove all the scale and the infarct in the pipe and clean it. It can be seen that the metal body. High pressure water jet with great energy and supersonic motion can destroy hard scale and infarct completely, but it has no destructive effect on metal. At the same time, because the pressure of high-pressure water is less than the compressive strength of metal or reinforced concrete, high-pressure water jet cleaning will not damage the cleaned matrix.
(2) fast cleaning speed
As a result of water jet erosion, wedge splitting, shearing, grinding and other composite crushing effects, scale can be quickly broken and scattered, which is several times to ten times faster than the cleaning speed of traditional chemical method, sand blasting and shot blasting method, simple mechanical and manual method. At the same time, the components cleaned by high-pressure water jet need not stop the secondary cleaning treatment; and after chemical cleaning, the chemical agent on the surface should be cleaned with clear water.
(3) no environmental pollution
Because the high-pressure cleaning machine uses clear water as the medium, the water jet cleaning does not produce a large amount of dust, pollute the atmospheric environment and damage the health of human body like sand blasting and simple mechanical cleaning; nor does it produce a large amount of waste liquid to pollute the river, soil and water quality like some chemical cleaning. The water jet with clear water as medium is odorless, tasteless and nontoxic. After atomization, the air dust concentration in the operation area can be reduced to below the national safety standard, so no pollution will be formed. In addition, the recovery of high-pressure water jet cleaning fluid is relatively easy to complete in technology.
(4) wide application
The high-pressure cleaning machine can clean the parts with complex shape and structure, and can stop cleaning under the condition of narrow and complex space and poor operating environment. It has no special requirements for the material, characteristics, shape and dirt variety of the equipment, and only needs to be directly exposed, so its application is very common.