Learn how to operate the high pressure cleaner

Time:2019-11-15 08:53:24

The name of the self-priming high-pressure cleaner mainly comes from the fact that the high-pressure pump it is equipped with is of the self-priming type, which is different from the one directly connected to the tap water. The self-priming high-pressure pump in the high-pressure cleaner has different construction and performance characteristics from other types of pumps. The difference is that the pump has the corresponding self-priming capacity, it can be easily started when the pump sucks a certain amount of water.
This kind of high-pressure cleaning equipment has several types of structural styles: one is external mixing type, two is internal mixing type, three is vacuum type and so on.
The main structure of the self-priming high-pressure pump of the high-pressure cleaner includes: pump body, pump seat, connecting shaft, bearing, impeller and pump cover, etc.
After understanding the main structure of the high-pressure cleaning equipment, we can easily understand how to carry out daily maintenance according to the operation and use rules, and master the operation and use precautions. First of all, the high-pressure cleaning machine and high-pressure pump should be inspected and maintained regularly. Before operation and use every day, check whether all pipes of the self-priming high-pressure pump are in a smooth state, check whether the combination of each part is firm, and the fixing screws should be in a firm and tight state.
Before starting the high-pressure cleaning equipment, manually rotate the self-priming high-pressure pump, test whether the self-priming pump can rotate flexibly, whether there is any abnormal condition, and whether there is any non-conforming condition, immediately correct and deal with it. Secondly, before operation and use, the staff must be familiar with the contents of the product instruction manual, fully understand the operation procedures, and control the flow and head range of the self-priming high-pressure pump according to the regulations, which shall not exceed the working range specified in the manufacturer's instructions, so as to ensure that the self-priming pump operates in the best / best state and give full play to its performance and role. During the operation of self-priming high-pressure cleaning machine and high-pressure pump, the bearing temperature shall be controlled within the specified range, usually under 80 ℃.
During the operation of the high-pressure cleaning equipment, the staff shall stick to their posts and monitor the operation of the equipment at any time. In case of any abnormal noise of the high-pressure cleaning equipment, it is necessary to immediately stop the machine and check the cause, and remove the fault in time, without any fault operation. Pay special attention to whether the running sound of the motor is abnormal. If it is found that there is a large noise in operation, it is necessary to use auxiliary equipment such as a screwdriver or a listening stick, close to both ends of the motor, listen carefully, make a judgment in time, and remove the fault.
The staff shall carry out cleaning operation according to the requirements of operation and use rules. When the self-priming high-pressure pump is to be stopped, the gate valve and pressure gauge shall be closed first, and then the motor shall be closed. The operation sequence shall be implemented according to the rules. To learn how to operate the high-pressure pump, necessary training should be carried out, how to operate all kinds of high-pressure cleaning equipment should be learned, and more necessary training should be carried out. To become an expert in operating and using the high-pressure cleaning machine, the cleaning efficiency and effect can be improved, and the performance of this advanced high-pressure cleaning equipment can be fully played.