Time:2019-11-14 16:04:33

Transformation of thermal descaling line
Before, most of the thermal descaling systems in steel plants were in the mode of plunger pump + accumulator. This mode is applicable to the working mode in which the intermittent time is much longer than the descaling process time. If the opposite is true, it is suitable to adopt the mode of direct injection, i.e. high pressure pump + frequency converter to work, which can greatly improve the working efficiency. In addition, the accumulator is a high-pressure vessel, which needs to be inspected annually. Our company can design and reform the thermal descaling production line for customers according to the actual working conditions, including the design and selection of descaling box, descaling ring, descaling nozzle, water retaining ring, pipeline, various high-pressure valves, etc
Thermal phosphorus removal
High pressure water descaling is mainly to remove the iron oxide (commonly known as scale) attached to the steel surface by high pressure water jet in an automatic way on the production line. Cleaning scope includes steel pipe, profile, plate, channel steel, etc. The material mainly includes alloy steel, stainless steel, carbon steel, special steel, etc.