Coal mine application

Time:2019-11-14 16:01:35

Coal seam water injection
Coal seam water injection pump is a kind of special equipment with high efficiency, small volume, light weight and convenient movement. After water injection, coal seam can discharge gas and ensure safety in production; it can make coal body wet, avoid dust lifting and improve working conditions; it can make coal body loose and improve mining efficiency.
Roof pre splitting
In order to weaken the hard roof, high-pressure water pump unit and other auxiliary devices based on the principle of hydraulic fracturing can be used. Hydraulic fracturing can form effective cracks in the rock, reduce the strength of the roof, and reduce the impact on the roof.

Hydraulic drilling
Drilling hydraulic mining is a mining method that uses high-pressure water jet to cut and break the ore and form slurry in the working face to be lifted to the surface through drilling and sent to the concentrator for processing.

The spray pump station is matched with all kinds of large, medium and small shearers and roadheader to eliminate the dust in the working face.

Seam cutting
High pressure hydraulic cutting seam mainly uses high pressure water jet to cut the coal body in the borehole, forming a flat seam groove with a certain width and depth. The parameters such as stress distribution, fracture development and corresponding permeability of the coal rock near the seam groove change. The water content of the coal seam increases, the internal stress of the coal rock decreases, resulting in the crack opening of the compressed coal body, and the permeability of the coal body increases.