Hydraulic drive

Time:2019-11-14 15:56:34

Hydraulic drive
Reciprocating high-pressure plunger pump is the core part of the hydraulic drive system, which is used to provide energy for the receptor continuously and stably. This energy is based on the two parameters of pressure and flow. Different pressure and flow parameters are applicable to different industries and demands. Jingcheng company can provide products with pressure range of 5-280mpa and flow range of 10-1000l / min for selection.
Advantages of using high pressure pump in the field of hydraulic drive
High pressure plunger pumps of 4500, 3200, 3201 and other models used in the field of hydraulic drive are manufactured by our company with the introduction of international advanced technology, featuring wear resistance, easy maintenance, high pump efficiency and low failure rate.
The high-pressure pump uses the principle of hydraulic pressure boosting, which is suitable for a variety of media. It can provide different high-pressure pump equipment according to different requirements of users.
It can be used with a variety of equipment and hydraulic system to reduce investment cost, improve the function of existing equipment and achieve one machine with multiple functions.
The power end crankshaft and connecting rod of the equipment of the company adopt the bearing shell structure with high-strength wear resistance and small friction coefficient, which is suitable for long-term continuous operation.
In addition, the use of hydraulic transmission hose and wire is very common in industrial production, but the finishing work after use is time-consuming and laborious. The hose and wire can be easily stretched and wound by using the pipe winder. In addition, considering the limitations of ground layout and personnel allocation, the use of pipe reels can make full use of space and improve the working environment. After the hose or wire is used, take back the winder for storage, generally it will not be damaged, so the service life of the pipeline can be extended.