surface treatment

Time:2019-11-14 15:51:36

Paint and rust removal, steel plate surface anti-corrosion treatment
The high-pressure water cleaner uses the jet of supersonic and high-pressure water to achieve the purpose of descaling. It can also easily clean up some tight dirt. In many occasions of modern industrial production, the quality of raw materials and equipment has put forward very high requirements, such as the removal of oxide skin, spraying, shipping and other industries on the quality of coating surface pretreatment. However, the traditional methods of derusting and spraying can not meet the requirements of modern production because of serious pollution and great harm to operators.
Grid cleaning of spray booth
The main applications include pre cleaning before coating, cleaning grid plate, skidding, paint removal of tooling and fixture, cleaning of auxiliary facilities in spray booth, oil pollution in the processing of conveyor chain, etc;
1. Pre cleaning before coating in coating workshop:
For: cleaning the body surface of white parts in welding workshop, which contains a lot of iron filings, welding slag, antirust oil, etc.
2. Clean grid plate, skid and tooling fixture for paint removal:
Used for: residual paint on grating plate, skids, etc. in spray booth of painting workshop.
According to different working conditions, provide / supply equipment with different pressure range. The working pressure can be selected from 50MPa to 280mpa. Usually, hand-held / gun and rotary nozzle are used for cleaning, or mobile cleaning vehicle can be used for cleaning (large one-time working area).
Clean ceramic plate
Hydroblasting of castings
The high-pressure water is injected into the treated casting from the nozzle / nozzle through the pipeline, and the core and the sand sticking of the casting are removed by the kinetic energy and scouring effect of the water flow. Hydraulic sand cleaning is usually equipped with an open cleaning chamber composed of section steel and steel plate. A rotary table is set at the bottom, and the spray / gun is installed / installed on the side wall, which can move up and down and rotate, and can make the high-pressure water flow shoot to any part except the bottom of the casting. Sometimes, in order to improve the efficiency of removing the sand sticking on the surface of the casting, quartz sand and other abrasives are introduced at the proper position of the spray / gun to obtain high-speed water sand flow. This working mode is dust-free, high efficiency and low energy consumption, and will not cause deformation or crack of cleaning parts.
Deburring with high pressure water
By using high pressure water to spray clean the parts, the burr firmly attached to the parts surface can be cleaned, so that the parts surface has even metallic luster.
High pressure equipment for deburring industrial parts
In many industrial occasions, the surface quality of raw materials, parts and equipment has put forward higher requirements, such as the metallurgical industry in rolling plates or pipes to carry out oxide skin, burr cleaning, machining industry in the processing of raw material surface quality requirements. The main influencing factors are rust, oxide skin, burr and surface roughness.
The introduction of deburring scheme with high pressure water
By using high-pressure water to clean the burr on the part surface, the burr firmly attached to the part surface can be cleaned, so that the part surface has a uniform metallic luster.
Jingcheng company provides users with high-pressure water equipment for deburring, including 3200, 3201, 4500 models, etc. The cleaning effect of these high-pressure units on the surface of parts can meet the quality requirements of relevant industries.
Although the turbidity of the cleaned sewage is large, it can not be recycled into the clean water tank and high-pressure pump. Sewage purification can be used to realize the recycling of water source. After the purification of high turbidity sewage, the water source can enter the water tank for recycling.
High pressure water is used to remove burrs without dust, with high efficiency and low energy consumption, so that the cleaned parts will not be deformed or cracked.