Mark line removal

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Professional cleaning scheme for ground marking line
In the aspect of road marking cleaning, the use of high-pressure water jet equipment to clean the road will not only not cause damage to the original road structure, but also effectively remove the land marking. Therefore, high pressure water jet cleaning equipment has been more and more used in road cleaning and strengthening renovation.
Airport runway debonding
Airport runway because of aircraft take off and landing, the sharp friction between wheel and road surface makes rubber stick on the road surface, over time, the rough road surface becomes very smooth, so that the aircraft is easy to slide out of the runway. In order to ensure that the friction coefficient of the pavement is greater than 0.5, the ultra-high pressure water jet technology is adopted. The basic requirement is to remove the rubber without damaging the runway. In the past, manual and chemical cleaning methods were used, but the results were not ideal, high cost, easy to pollute, and not suitable for asphalt pavement. Water jet is widely used for degumming in airports at home and abroad. The high-pressure pump unit provided by Jingcheng can effectively solve the above problems by cooperating with the cleaning trolley.

Introduction to wire removal equipment
Sincere high-pressure water equipment is a complete set of equipment composed of various related equipment and subsystems, including diesel engine, high-pressure reciprocating pump, plane cleaning trolley, water tank, control system, etc.
Through the high-pressure reciprocating pump driven by the diesel engine, the water in the water tank is pressurized and then ejected through a special nozzle to remove the rubber dirt, waste mark lines and oil pollution on the runway. The water tank of the equipment meets the cleaning demand, equipped with a liquid level gauge and an outlet valve, which has the characteristics of large water storage.
The atomizing jet effect of high-pressure nozzle is specially used for airport runway and road cleaning, and the scale layer is removed without damaging the surface. The whole system is equipped with pressure sensor, safety valve and other safety protection measures to ensure the safe operation of the system. If the water temperature of the engine is too high, the oil pressure is too low and the operation is overloaded, the engine will automatically stop and alarm to ensure the safety of the user.
The stripper is equipped with a vacuum decontamination device. The roots blower is used to form a certain degree of vacuum in the recovery tank. The recovery tank is connected with the cleaning trolley by a hose, and the debris and sewage removed by the jet are pumped to the recovery tank, and the sewage and debris are separated by the separation device of the recovery tank.
Application and characteristics of the line removal plan of Jingcheng company
Ultra high pressure water wire remover is more efficient and thorough than knife head grinding wire remover; it also has the function of recycling residue, which makes the road clean after grinding; at the same time, it will not damage the road surface, belongs to physical cleaning, complies with the market development, and conforms to the national environmental protection requirements.
1. efficient:
Under the same working hours and working conditions, the road surface can be easily cleaned up to 400-600 level / day.
The ultra-high pressure water stripper uses the principle of high-pressure water jet to pressurize the common water source through the high-pressure pump in an instant to reach the outlet pressure of 1200kg or above, and directly impacts the marking line coating (cold spray paint, hot melt, double phenol, etc.) through the special executive structure (cleaning trolley), damages the adhesion between the coating and the road, and removes it layer by layer, so it can take into account no damage, no dust, energy saving Environmental protection, high efficiency and other advantages.
2. environmental protection:
During the cleaning process of high-pressure water jet equipment with clear water as medium, it is non-toxic, tasteless, and will atomize at the moment of jet spraying. At the same time, it can reduce the air dust concentration in the operation area, which can reduce the air dust from 80mg / M33 to 2mg / M33, which is the national safety standard. Therefore, it will not cause any environmental pollution.
3. energy saving:
Tap water is the medium of energy-saving, water-saving, low-cost and high-pressure water jet. It is easy to source and widely exists. In the process of cleaning, due to its powerful energy, it can be cleaned without any filler and detergent, so the cleaning cost is low, about 1 / 3 of that of chemical cleaning.
4. Automation:
The dynamic energy of the equipment is provided by the diesel generator set, and all structural parts are integrated on the same steel chassis, which is convenient for hoisting, and can be loaded on the engineering vehicle at any time to perform the road cleaning task. Fully automatic control panel, only need to adjust the speed of diesel engine to achieve the output of various pressure levels of the equipment, so as to achieve different cleaning effects.
5. Wide application:
The equipment is widely used High pressure water jet cleaning can clean all kinds of roads with complex shapes and coatings, and can clean under the conditions of narrow and complex space and poor operating environment. It has no special requirements for road materials, characteristics, shapes and types of dirt, so it is widely used. Equipped with different actuators, such as high-pressure hand-held gun, rotating nozzle, brush arm, hydraulic cantilever, etc., it can realize the cleaning of signboard, small advertisement, highway fence, road fence isolation fence, etc.
6. Easy to maintain:
Compared with other physical cleaning technologies, high-pressure water jet cleaning also has unique advantages. As the medium is pure water, which belongs to soft material, the only / one emphasis is on the tightness. The high and low pressure seals are made of imported materials, with long service life, which is convenient for replacement and later maintenance.
Comparison of cleaning speed of different types of landmark

New hot melt landmark:
It is mainly composed of synthetic resin and additives, with relatively high viscosity and slow cleaning speed. It can be cleaned for 200m2 in 8 hours
Old hot melt landmark:
According to the test and analysis, the cleaning speed of the old hot-melt landmark is relatively fast, and it can clean 300m2 in 8 hours
Concussion line:
The resin content is high, the viscosity is relatively large, the cleaning speed is slow, and it can be cleaned for 200m2 in 8 hours
Cold paint ground marking:
Special road special cold coating is used, and the cleaning speed is 8 hours slow, and 180m2 can be cleaned
Portable trolley specially designed for floor cleaning
In the surface cleaning device of Jingcheng company, the cleaning trolley equipment is provided for users. The bottom of the trolley is equipped with a small wheel, which can be easily pushed by hand. The trolley is equipped with a small motor to provide power for the bottom rotating spray disc. Depending on the rotating power of the rotating jet, the cleaning efficiency can be fully exerted.