Aluminum formwork cleaning

Time:2019-11-14 15:39:03

Automatic cleaning scheme of aluminum formwork

Aluminum formwork is a building formwork made of aluminum alloy, also known as aluminum alloy formwork. It is made and designed according to module, extruded by special equipment, and composed of three parts of aluminum panel, bracket and connector. It has a complete set of general accessories. It can be combined and assembled into an overall formwork with different dimensions and complex dimensions. It can be assembled and industrialized This system solves the defects of the traditional formwork and greatly improves the construction efficiency.
It has many times of repeated use and low average use cost. Aluminum alloy profiles formed by overall extrusion are used as raw materials in the aluminum formwork system, and one set of formwork can be turned over for more than 200 times in standard construction.

Development trend of aluminum formwork cleaning with high pressure water
The reuse of aluminum formwork should be carried out in the following steps: formwork removal, classification, pretreatment, cleaning, shaping, welding and grinding. It can be seen that the cleaning of formwork plays an important step in the whole process of renovation and utilization. Cleaning methods include chemical cleaning, shot blasting machine cleaning and high-pressure water cleaning. At present, the most common cleaning method in China is shot blasting, which uses small particles to impact the cement attached to the formwork, so as to separate the cement and the formwork. In the cleaning process, the consumption of sand and the recovery of sand in the later cleaning period should be considered. High requirements for particles and high cost. Secondly, the dust and sundries produced by shot blasting cleaning bring hidden danger to the health of construction personnel. In the future, environmental protection requirements will also have many restrictions on it. High pressure water cleaning is the main way of aluminum formwork cleaning in the future
Composition of Jingcheng aluminum formwork cleaning system
1. High pressure pump cleaning unit (2 sets / set)
Type 3160 high pressure pump frequency conversion motor cleaning unit - cleaning area: panel and side rib
3250 high pressure pump frequency conversion motor cleaning unit - pressure: cleaning area: inner rib
Frequency conversion control cabinet: 250KW, 90kw, frequency converter; PLC control module; Siemens touch control panel;

2. Aluminum template transmission line and cleaning actuator
The 11 meter long roller transmission line is driven by two 0.75KW variable frequency motors, including three parts: cleaning area, transition area and drying area.
The cleaning area is equipped with a rotating cleaning plate: one cleaning plate with a cleaning diameter of 600 (panel cleaning); two cleaning plates with a cleaning diameter of 300 (inner rib cleaning); two self rotating nozzles (side rib cleaning). The dry area is equipped with two fans. It is used to blow dry the residual water on the aluminum formwork after cleaning. Ensure that the cleaned aluminum formwork can reach the conditions of dry storage.
3. Water treatment system:
The dirty water collected after the cleaning of aluminum formwork contains cement dust and cement block, which is in the form of muddy water. It is necessary to add sewage scale inhibitor, flocculant, precipitant and other water treatment agents. After the suspended particles in the water are agglomerated and precipitated, they are recycled after being precipitated in a 2-3 level sedimentation tank
Removal of concrete residue from aluminum formwork:
The aluminum template to be cleaned is sent to the high-pressure water cleaning area through the conveyor belt. In this area, the automatic cleaning device cleans the template. At the same time, the template is constantly moving forward under the function of the conveyor belt. Finally, the cleaned template is completely cleaned, dried by the fan and sent out of the cleaning area by the conveyor belt. The front, back and side of the formwork shall be cleaned and dried.
Introduction to the cleaning plan of Jingcheng aluminum formwork
The aluminum formwork shall be pretreated after being removed at the construction site, and the large pieces of cement shall be classified after being knocked out, and cleaned in batches according to the specifications after being unified.
Workers start the high-pressure pump set from the touch screen of the electric control cabinet, and adjust the pressure to the use pressure. Then the touch screen controls the transmission line to start. When the roller is turned, the workers put the aluminum template to be cleaned on the conveyor line. Under the transmission of the transmission line, through the cleaning area, the high-pressure water sprayed from the cleaning plate is used for cleaning. After passing through the water control of the transition area, it enters the drying area and is dried by roots blower. The cleaned aluminum formwork shall be transported out of the dry area and transported to the storage place by workers.
After the cleaning operation, first adjust the pressure of the high-pressure pump set to "0", and then turn off all motors by the touch screen control at the electric control cabinet.
Advantages of aluminum formwork cleaning scheme
environmental protection
Tap water is the medium of energy-saving, water-saving, low-cost and high-pressure water jet. It is easy to source and widely exists. In the process of cleaning, due to its powerful energy, it can be cleaned without any filler and detergent, so the cleaning cost is low, about 1 / 3 of that of chemical cleaning. Secondly, the water jet cleaning method is different from the fire water monitor, which belongs to the fine jet spraying, and is equipped with 10 0.4-aperture nozzles. The total flow is about 28.9l/min. The covering diameter is 600mm, and the inner rib is cleaned into two sets of 300mm diameter rotary spray discs with one set equipped with two nozzles of 0.4 and 0.5 aperture respectively. The total flow of the two sets is 79l / min.
Two sets of 0.75KW frequency conversion decelerating motors are used in the transmission line of aluminum formwork to drive the chain wheel to drive each independent stainless steel roller to clean and transport the aluminum formwork. The fully automatic control panel can adjust the feeding speed of the conveyor belt only by adjusting the motor speed. The feeding speed can be adjusted at 5-8m / min through the adjustment of the frequency converter. In order to achieve different cleaning effect convenient and fast.
Easy maintenance
Compared with other physical cleaning technologies, high-pressure water jet cleaning also has unique advantages. As the medium is pure water, which belongs to soft material, the only / one emphasis is on the tightness. The high and low pressure seals are made of imported materials, with long service life, which is convenient for replacement and later maintenance.