Pressure test

Time:2019-11-14 15:35:07

Provide reliable unit equipment for pressure test
Chemical vessels, heat exchange pipelines, kettles or reactors and other industrial equipment used in modern industry bear various levels of pressure in their work. In order to ensure the smooth process, whether in the later stage of production or in the maintenance stage, it is very important to carry out the relevant pressure test.
Jingcheng company provides users with equipment suitable for different pressure tests to meet users' personalized requirements in different fields such as testing chemical pipeline, various containers, instrument valve sealing strength, etc. The unit can be driven by diesel engine or motor to realize complex automatic control.
Sincere high pressure unit equipment can meet the user's pressure test in static pressure test, blasting test and other fields. Pressure test can make the tested equipment continuously exposed to high pressure load until it fails. It can be judged that the allowable working pressure can be exceeded The results of bursting pressure test can verify the safety of pressure vessel.

Our strengths
1. Reliable and safe high-voltage equipment
2. Environmental protection and reasonable system design
3. Humanized working mechanism and best safety protection
4. The average service life of high-pressure system is long
5. Meet national standards and environmental protection requirements