Pipeline and tube bundle cleaning

Time:2019-11-14 15:32:48

Special scheme for pipeline and tube bundle cleaning

Cleaning of drainage pipeline
Heat exchanger, cooler, evaporator, preheater, soot blower, boiler coil: the cleaning of tube bundle and pipeline is one of the core businesses of high-pressure water physical cleaning, which is widely used in chemical, electric power, oil refining, coal to oil, coking and other industries. The common pipeline shapes are linear, curved, U-shaped, etc. the cleaning coverage diameter ranges from 12mm to 1600mm, and the working pressure coverage ranges from 10MPa to 280mpa. The execution accessories for cleaning configuration are usually high-pressure soft gun, high-pressure hard gun, solid nozzle, rotary nozzle, hand-held gun, foot valve, etc. at present, some high-end customers use automatic execution equipment for the sake of working efficiency and construction safety, including automatic pipe delivery, automatic pipe collection mechanism, pneumatic rotary gun, etc
Municipal sewer
In the long-term operation of urban sewer, the effective cross-section of the pipeline will gradually reduce, resulting in the decrease of water delivery capacity. High pressure water cleaning technology can restore the water capacity of drainage pipes.
Introduction of the pipeline cleaning scheme of Jingcheng high pressure water
The high-pressure water supplied by the high-pressure pump unit is sent to the nozzle through the high-pressure rubber pipe to impact the rust on the pipe wall. Because the pipeline is buried underground, it is difficult to manually move the nozzle in the pipeline. Therefore, it is required that the jet can flush the inner wall of the pipe evenly, and generate forward thrust, so that the nozzle and the hose can move forward automatically. According to the law of fluid momentum, if the nozzle is inclined at a certain angle, the jet can not only produce the impact force on the pipe wall, but also ensure the thrust on the nozzle and the hose.
Precautions for pipeline cleaning scheme:
1. Understand the basic situation of the pipeline. Before pigging, it is necessary to have a detailed understanding of the pipeline length, pipe wall thickness, structural thickness, etc. to determine the pipe section to be cleaned.
2. Understand the structure, installation mode and space position of the pipeline, so as to grasp the difficulty of cleaning the pipeline and handling accidents.
Advantages of high pressure water cleaning pipeline
It has many advantages and great economic benefits to use high-pressure water jet to clean drainage pipes. First of all, it doesn't need a lot of materials, equipment and funds. Compared with other cleaning methods, it can significantly reduce the cost of human, material and financial resources. Secondly, the cleaning effect is good, the pipeline resistance is reduced, the drainage volume is increased, the drainage efficiency of the pipeline is improved, and the efficiency of the water pump and the pipeline is maximized, so as to reduce the production power consumption, save funds and reduce the production cost. If the main drainage pipeline can be cleaned regularly in a larger scope, so that the pipeline is in the best operating condition, the annual savings will be a huge number.
Cleaning of other complex pipeline systems
For some complex pipeline cleaning is an important field in industrial cleaning. In these complex pipelines, the deposited dirt is relatively firm, which makes the energy of water jet disperse and the strike force decrease. In addition, when the pipeline is too long or the elbows are too many, it is difficult to ensure the rotation and feed speed of the nozzle.
In this complex situation, Jingcheng company can customize a set of personalized solutions according to the actual needs of users under different working conditions. Customized solutions help users shorten the construction period, reduce the maintenance cycle of equipment, improve the cleaning quality, and are suitable for cleaning and descaling of pipeline systems in chemical, petroleum, power station, salt industry and other departments.
Cleaning of tube bundle
In the industrial field, a large number of heat preservation, cooling and heat exchange equipment are used in various industries, especially in the petrochemical industry, such equipment often accounts for a large proportion of the cleaning equipment needed.
Tube bundle cleaning scheme introduction
According to the user's specific working conditions, site conditions, heat exchanger structure, overall dimensions, tubular type, U-tube type, floating head type, etc. Customized a set of cleaning scheme for users.
Under the physical and chemical effects of temperature, pressure and medium, the user's heat exchange equipment often produces dirt on the inner and outer walls of the heat exchanger pipes, which reduces the heat transfer coefficient of the equipment, reduces the area of material circulation, increases the energy consumption during the operation of the equipment, and makes the equipment unable to work normally in serious cases. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the dirt during normal operation and maintenance to restore the equipment performance and meet the requirements of production process.
Jingcheng provides users with 4500, 3200 models and other high-pressure pump units suitable for tube bundle cleaning. The unit has a complete automatic control system, which not only simplifies the operation procedures, reduces the labor intensity of the operators, but also strengthens the safety of the work site, greatly improves the efficiency and quality of the cleaning industry, and has the advantages of specialization, multi-function and automation.