Pulverizing by water atomization

Time:2019-11-14 15:30:11

Ultra high pressure equipment for water atomization

Introduction to water atomization pulverizing of high pressure equipment:
The atomization method is a method that the liquid metal or alloy is directly broken into small droplets under the action of external force, and the powder is made by rapid condensation. The diameter of the powder is generally less than 150 PM. Any material that can form a liquid can be atomized for pulverizing. High pressure water atomization can produce MIM metal alloy powder, special stainless steel powder, high-speed steel powder, precious metal powder, copper base alloy powder and superalloy powder economically and in large quantities. The working pressure varies from 10MPa to 280mpa.
The working principle of ultra-high pressure water atomization pulverizing device refers to the melting of metal or metal alloy under atmospheric conditions. Under the condition of gas protection, the metal liquid will be atomized and broken into a large number of small metal droplets by ultra-high pressure water flow through the nozzle in the process of flowing through the heat preservation tundish and guide pipe, and the surface tension and water of the small droplets in the process of flight Under the combined action of rapid cooling, sub spherical or irregular particles are formed to achieve the purpose of pulverizing.

Ultra high pressure water atomization has the following characteristics
1. Most metal and alloy powders can be prepared with low production cost.
2. Sub spherical powder or irregular powder can be prepared.
3. Due to the rapid solidification without segregation, many special alloy powders can be produced.
4. The particle size of the powder can reach a required range by adjusting the appropriate process.