Cleaning of alumina dissolution pipeline

Time:2019-11-14 15:12:59

      At present, the general alumina production method is mainly alkali process. Because of the particularity of alkali process, there will be a lot of scarring production in the production process. Scarring not only has a great impact on plate heat exchanger, but also causes some problems, such as the blockage of equipment pipeline, the decrease of heat transfer capacity, the decrease of production capacity, and the reduction of service life of equipment and auxiliary materials.
In the process of dissolution, decomposition and evaporation of alumina, due to the change of concentration and temperature, active silica will form scars on the surface of vessel wall in large amount, and the scar tissue is dense and hard to clean. Using high-pressure water jet with a suitable self rotating nozzle to clean such pipes can achieve satisfactory results. According to the degree of automation, we can choose the equipment such as the pipe receiver, the pipe spinner and so on for auxiliary use, so as to improve the working efficiency and avoid safety accidents.