Cleaning of polycrystalline silicon reduction bell cover

Time:2019-11-14 15:11:33

The bell jar cleaning equipment is very important for polysilicon production because of its unclean cleaning and insufficient finish, which often leads to the failure of silicon core to penetrate or product quality pollution. The bell cover cleaning system of polysilicon reduction furnace includes low-pressure hot water cleaning power device, three-dimensional can washer, rotary and lifting actuator, cleaning workbench, 10000 level purification and drying system, circulating filtration system, control device, micro negative pressure system, cleaning workbench, electrical control system, etc. the system realizes the automatic cleaning and drying operation of bell cover, with energy conservation, environmental protection and safety All features. With the high-pressure water jet as the power and the hydraulic self driving three-dimensional tank washer as the nozzle, a 360 ° mesh jet surface is formed to complete the hydraulic spraying of the internal surface of the bell jar. With the special cleaning agent as the main cleaning solution, pure water (deionized water or desalted water) is used for rinsing, and high-purity water is used for washing to complete the cleaning process. After three-level purification (100000 level) of pure air, step heating, and finally ensure that the dried bell cover no longer dews, can directly enter the production operation.